Sorry Assholes, the Good win again!

People are good. Most people – like 91%! I think so. I believe so. and I sure as hell hope so.


From my experience, that figure is accurate. I’ve been blessed to interact with some of the nicest, good-hearted, loving individuals that the good Lord put on this Earth. Why is it that the bad people and their volumes seem to be so much louder than the good?? I’m guilty of it; I’ll teach a class that every ranted and raved about, and have one person as I’m leaving say “it was fine, but too hard.” or that they “liked when I did that thing last week, why didn’t I do that thing I did last week.” Sometimes, that negative input overshadows all of the fantastic feedback I’ve been lucky to receive. Ultimately, if you really sit back and think about it, there is so much more good than everything else. There has to be. Look at your friends, those people you meet up with on Friday nights, and share hysterical texts with. So we are smarter, and braver, and wiser – we must choose to see, listen to and be the good!


We moved and have a new gardener. His name is Manny and he and Madden are inseparable. The first time they met, right off the bat, Manny asked if he could hold Mad, and he’s yet to put him down. It often takes Manny double the time to tend to our yard because he carries my boy on his hip or shoulders or walks behind him as Madden operates the blower (Dear God), or lifts him high to slam dunk EVERY EFFING LEAF from our driveway into the trash. Manny asked me if it’s okay to get Madden a plastic rake so he can practice when he’s not around. And he brought cookies for him last week.

Scott and I hosted a charity ride last weekend to raise money for CHOC hospital, specifically the neuro division that operated on Madden. I told my classes about the ride, and posted once on Facebook about it. The bikes were priced above the normal class rate, and it took place on a weekend afternoon, prime family/football/chill time. You guys, there was a waitlist. For a charity ride. To support my family and the Child’s Hospital. A waitlist to pay more than the regular pricey amount. All 60 riders donated, then another 45 more. We raised more money in that ride than what your douchey neighbor paid for that henious cherry red convertible corvette.


I received a hand-written thank you note for nothing really. It was a thank you for being you. From someone who I haven’t even had the pleasure of hanging one-on-one with. It was a note to make me feel special, and did just that.

A friend went on a business trip to Rio. A long, busy, work work work type of trip and managed to bring home a pair of Havaianas of Madden. She had enough intention while there to track down these slippers, in the right size, and get them back to little man.

A rider stayed long after class to make sure another rider, who she’d never met, was okay after taking a tumble. A guy off Highland plugged his meter, noticed the one next to his was just about to expire with a stranger parked there, and contributed another 2 hours to that cars’ timer. A handy man ran out to his car, found one of his kids’ mini-skateboards, and sat with Madden for 20 minutes teaching him how to use it.


Kinda crazy how those images about made you smile huh?! Maybe there is something to spreading the good. Spreading that joy like wildfire. Let’s light up the world ya’lllll!

I promise if you keep looking, you’ll find it. Good people. Every age. Every color. Every neighborhood. And I think if we are treat the world like they are good, good is what the world will be!





THREE minute workout!

Your first three minute workout has arrived! I’ll give you a full breakdown of what to do and how to do!!

Check it out:

First move: Mountain Climbers for ONE minute. Get into plank position- shoulders over hands, palms flat and fingers spread. Press the center of your back up so your back feels flat and engaged. Legs should stretch long behind you, standing on the balls of your feet and tugging heels backwards. Start your timer and get to steppin’! Drive your knees up through your center body, alternating right then left. Think of springing up off the floor and moving with power and speed! Go for a full minute!

Second move: Squat for ONE minute. Feet go hip distance, aligned straight forward. Seal down floor from pinkies to big toes. I like to put my hands out in front to help drive my weight down; you can do that or let them rest by your side. Squat back, like your sitting in a little kids chair, pushing your booty backwards. Keep your weight back, and right as you feel your butt even out with your knees, fire back up. Try NOT to use your hands to aid in momentum. Push heels into ground, squeeze low belly and stand straight up. Keep going for 60 seconds!

Third move: Jumping jacks and jabs for ONE minute. You’re going to do four jumping jacks then jab four times: right, left, right, left. For your jumping jacks, start with feet close together and hands by your side. Jump legs a bit wider than hips and hands shoot above your head. Do four reps and go straight into your jabs. With a jab, make a fist and rotate through so four knuckles face in front. Your opposite hands rests up by your jaw. Keep alternating jacks then jabs for a minute straight.

You can go through this many times, or just once!! You’ll definitely feel the burn. My favorite track for this workout is the PatrickReza Remix of Rihanna’s BBHMM, rightttt hereeee:

See if you can keep on the beat of the music; that will give you the best workout!

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions. Happy sweating!!



Save Away

November One. New Month. Duh, right?

I like to use November as a way to check in before the craziness hits. December is wild with Christmas, parties, birthdays, gifts, decorating and so much more. So I try to make November a bit more impactful. This November, or No Spender, as I’m calling it, I want to be more aware of what I am spending, how much, because why.

If we take a look at our everyday habits, we can see a clear pattern of what we spend our money on. I am always starved after my morning classes, so I go out to an early lunch to eat. Well, this month, I am going to prepare for the pending starvation. Rather than throw down $30 for a scramble out somewhere, I’ll have grocery shopped and have those items ready to whip up at home. Same goes for an afternoon coffee, I have a coffee machine and Nespresso Gran Maestra at home, USE THEM, LINDSAY. Other things we all spend money on, parking. Park in the structure – it’s generally free if you’re under 90minutes. And you’re less likely to get a ticket for not having a front plate. Buying waters out: I’m sure you have a snazzy bottle at home, if not, invest in one, and use it over and over again. Or even, buy ONE SmartWater at Soul, and use it throughout the day! At Peets, C Bean, Starbucks and I’m sure everywhere else, you can ask for a cup of water. They will give you a medium size for frizzle. Electric and gas bill – turn off lights when you’re not home or in the room. Only use your fireplace when you’ve got a hot date over!


I’m not suggesting you deprive yourself of those things we all adore. I will still buy a snazzy latte once a day. and Scott and I will go out for dinner on date nights. I promise I won’t regift some weird pumpkin-berry lotion set and pass it along as your wedding present. And definitely not suggesting you become a cheap ass -“Umm, I only had two bites of the appetizer and you had four, I don’t think I should have to pay half.”  My goal is to spend $100 less a week, and still enjoy my life! You think you can do it??

Okay, so now, why save? What are we really gonna do with an extra $400 a month. I’m sure we will find something to spend it on in December, right?! Ya, most likely. But, the point is more focused on awareness in spending, than how much money you walk away with. It’s more about valuing a dollar, realizing that you work hard for your money and some $138 deep conditioning hand treatment kit may not be worth it. I’m taking the challenge, I hope you’ll join me.


You hear that Wandzi, Lindy is watching the wallet!!!



THE MENU: FIG Restaurant

To be totally clear, I am not a food critic, food expert, fantastic chef, award-winning taster (is that a thing?), or have any sort of legit education of the matter. I do, however, know what tastes good and have figured out a way to make healthy taste good!

Today, I dined at the ooo-sooo-amazing FIG Restaurant in Santa Monica at the Fairmont Hotel. To start, the ambiance is fantastic. I brought a friend along, and we sat outside in the lounge area. They have these comfy couches, necessary heat lamps (brrrr LA in October), and great farm-style tables. Their breakfast menu is fantastic, they offer a variety of choices, for every type of eater. They have an egg-white omelette packed with veggies listed right above a lemon ricotta pancake. And they have New York style bagels. It’s nearly impossible to find a bagel at any restaurant ’round here, and these ones are New York style!!

So, let’s order! While it’s great that they have so many decadent options, I will not be indulging in the Nutella waffle, I’m going the egg route. Here’s my order:

Egg Scramble with bell pepper, onions, spinach, avocado and chicken apple sausage. Side of wheat toast, just ONE piece please, substitute potatoes for fruit, yes I’ll pay extra.fullsizerender

Here’s my reasoning: I scramble with the whole egg. To me, egg whites and/or egg beaters are lacking in flavor and don’t give me the calories I need to feel satisfied. I left mushrooms out of the scramble because sometimes I think they make the eggs have a dirt taste. I added avocado for that yummy, good-fats reason, and chicken sausage cause if I don’t eat real meat after working out, I’m wiped. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my recovery when I add avocados and chicken/turkey/turkey sausage to my meals. Their wheat bread is fantastic – super thick, one piece will give me that crunch I’m craving. I top it with a little bit of butter anddddd strawberry jelly. The butter + jelly combo tastes fantastic and only adds like 15 calories! I subbed out the potatoes as, to me, they are empty, unnecessary calories. The scramble is huge, and a piece of toast tops it off. If you are a potato person, why not ask for them in a to-go box?? Once you’ve hammered your scramble and toast, if you’re actually still hungry, have a few bites of potatoes. Also, with potatoes, breads, rice, starches, carbs, I try to keep those bites before noon! Late day carbs leads to muffin top mornings, and not the chocolate chip kind. I pick at the fruit as I dine, but usually take it home with me. img_1948

Outcome: Food was fantastic!! The scramble is super hearty and was the exact amount of food I needed. The hotel and restaurant area are beautiful and offer a super vacation-y vibe. Service was attentive and endearing. I’d definitely recommend FIG for a girls lunch, shower, business meeting or snazzy after-SoulCycle bite.




From Studio to Streets

Most of us are go, go, go!! For me, I hustle out of the door before 6am and I’m going from class, to a meeting, to class number two or three, then boxing, a meeting and eventually back home. There’s really no chance to get that full shower, hair wash, cute outfit situation going, so I’ve had to devise a way to look presentable with a few minutes and lots of spandex.

Here’s a prime example. To my Wednesday 7am, I wore the following:


Lululemon Tights / Nike kicks / Soul Tank

I had an 8am meeting, literally right after my 7am, and I could look fitness-y, but it needed to be presentable. Not like i just kicked my own ass. I went with the following additions and tweaks:

CLEAN Lululemon tights / Converse hightops / Nike high-neck crop-top / LF star choker / Benefit powder, bronzer and cream blush / Celine sunnies / hair down / Baby Lips gloss



I’ve found that by adding a statement accessory, like a bandana, bracelet, or hat, takes an outfit from workout to work it girl! Also, ditching a main sports item, like Nike shoes or workout tights, and subbing in a casual alternative gives a great street look.




BoardwalkBody…back in biz!

 As you may have noticed, I took an intentional break from the blog. With lots going on in various regions, I didn’t want to just toss up a post to stay relevant, so I decided to pause for intermission while I regrouped. I’m happy to report that I am BACK!

So, what’s going on now?! Well, I’m glad you asked! BOARDWALKBODY is taking on a massive revamp and will be offering you more! I’ll be featuring one 3-minute workout a week; ranging from cardio heavy to combo stuff and core work. THREE MINUTES – yaaaa right, that’s not long enough to make a difference, YESSS HUHHHHH!!! These mini workouts can be done anytime, anywhere, and require practically nothing!


Another new feature will focus on food choices when dining out, it’ll be called The Menu. Most of us live in an area with fantastic restaurant options,  and have a social life. This part of the blog will give an honest insight to what I ordered, how I asked for it to be prepared, what it truly tasted like, pics, reactions and more. To be healthy, you do not have to eat every meal at home!


Lastly, we will be offering a weekly style piece highlighting the season’s cutest trends and how to incorporate them into your daily life. You will not see me wearing lace-up denim and a bustier, with Valentinos and different color hair each day. It’s gonna be what I picked out in 4 minutes, can wear from studio to street, and makes me/you feel and look great.


I cannot wait to share with you everything we have in store. BoardwalkBody can be your source for fitness, lifestyle, laughs, perspective, profanity, music, family, drinking, dining and so much more.



My 2 cents

I know the morning sky shines a light blue

And I’m sure the night sky dims a dark grey

At this time, this very time

I am here, writing, knowing that I don’t know what to say

Let’s talk truth; we’ll call a spade a spade

I am white, female, Catholic, and hail from Newport Coast

Parents married, SC educated

The closest thing I’ve had to purple drank is a snazzy champagne toast

I’ve experienced very little when it comes to discrimination

I can’t imagine a family history paved in blood, sweat and being bought

While years have passed, and some things have changed

There are millions more rounds of this fight to be fought

So, please, hear me when I say I cannot conceive what you have felt

And please, hear me say I am not trying to preach from my privileged seat

We have all been invited by God to this table

Where He very clearly tells us to love and respect all that we meet

Created in His likeness, Genesis says

And blessed them each one by one

Find your Bible, turn those pages

No exceptions listed for color or sexuality or who you might think is carrying a gun

Is it enough that my family believes all lives matter

That what happened to Alton and Philando is a total disgrace

That even though we don’t know the years of turmoil their family has been through

We sit quietly, in front of the tv, with tears streaming down our face

I am so sorry, to my friends

To you people who are mistreated every single day

I will hug you tighter, and love you harder, and pray for you more

But I don’t know what to say

Let’s get a drink!

I like to enjoy an adult beverage every now and again. I am of age, not pregnant, not addicted, and drink in a way deemed responsible in the legal sense while also super fun and entertaining in the social sense. I was recently asked by Cosmo magazine about my drinking habits ( and have been asked by many: how can you look a certain way and still drink??


there may or may not be rosé in my bottle

There is an assumption out there that booze makes you fat. Okay okay, sometimes it does, and when I was in college, booze, as well as late night food binges and horrible sleeping hours most definitely helped me pack on a few lbs. But, if you make the right choices when drinking, I firmly believe that you will NOT gain weight!


I have a few guidelines I like to follow when drinking that help me to not sabotage all that clean eating and working out:

First off, I stick with wine, or vodka. I am not a fan of dark alcohols nor beer, so it’s not hard for me to stay away from, but even if I was, the hangover and heavy feelings associated don’t work well with me. With wine, I choose a Sauvignon Blanc for whites, a Pinot Noir or red blend for reds, and Rose cause it’s amazing. The calories in these specific blends is lower than other options as the sweeter the wine, the more calories it usually has. When drinking vodka, I go vodka soda with a drive-by (or splash as the amateurs call it) of grapefruit juice. Finish with a few limes and stir. Plain vodka soda is a bit brutal for me so the grapefruit cuts that sting and adds a little zip.


Second, if we are eating and/while drinking, I order my meal before I get boozy. Because alcohol lowers your smart decision-making skills, I am more tempted to order something I would never dream of eating. We all know the girl; she only eats pizza when she’s blacked out. No way! Not here!! I will order my salad and stick to that while getting my drink on. And once you’ve ordered you’re done, no need for truffle fries an hour after you’ve eaten!

Third, add in some water. Water will not slow your roll to party town – it will just save you tomorrow morning. Hangovers are a combination of dehydration, lack of sleep and over-drinking. By drinking water along the way, you are keeping your body at a more balance level of electrolytes.


Fourth, a workout the day of and the day after drinking is necessary. You do most definitely take in extra calories when drinking, so a workout is imperative. I like to go heavy on the cardio, like running or Soul, to assure a great sweat too!

Lastly, when drinking, keep moving!! Walk from bar to bar, get your dance floor on, change seats, walk around! You’re more likely to meet some cool people too!


So, there you have it. You can drink, and still look great. It’s all about making wise choices while doing so. Cheers to that!




How to dessert with dignity

I like sweets, not like LOVEEEEE, but I really like sweets. I dig chocolate, caramel and oreo flavors, and gravitate towards cookies, brownies, ice cream. I don’t really care about creme brûlée and think cherry pie is just wrong, but I would call myself a dessert person. It seems against my nature to shut down a sweet treat at the end of a meal.

Here lies the battle: I am a fitness person AND I am a dessert person. Can these two things live in harmony?!?! Can I really be my authentic sweet-loving self while knowing the effects of calories in and out?!?! OO HELL YES!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.24.58 PM.png

Truth: I eat some type of dessert every night. I do NOT eat a hot fudge sundae every night.

For me, there’s a certain amount of calories I aim to take in every day. I do not count calories or punch numbers into some iFitness Pal app, but I have an idea of how much I’ve eaten and where my place of contentment lies. I can’t operate hungry, and just feel gross when I eat crap, so I eat a fair share of healthy food all throughout the day.


Based on what my day’s intake has been, dessert can range from a few rainier cherries to a full blown party platter pizookie. If you want to manage that stubborn belly fat, you have to be selective with your sugar intake – don’t waste it on a B- source of sweets. For example, that packaged cookie that came with your catered lunch – you’re better than that. It’s been handled by who knows how many hands and machines, how ever many days/weeks ago. It was most likely made with shit ingredients and most definitely loaded with toxins and preservatives to further its shelf life. Instead, if wanting a cookie, make your own, or head to that adorable bakery by your house.

Healthy dessert options I swear by are: Arctic zero with chocolate chips and almonds, Caramel corn rice cakes, rainier cherries and mango slices, and SkinnyCow ice cream sandwiches.


Commit to your dessert. Sit down, grab some milk and enjoy it!



zip, zip, zong

I teach, on average, 13 classes a week, all in the mornings. Madden wakes up anywhere between 5:20am-5:45am, so we get an early start. The little man is go go go all day; naps happen as often as Kim uploads a picture of anyone but herself, sooooo NEVER. I was just chatting with a friend/rider and she asked me “don’t you ever get tired?” I had a guy after class on Tuesday joke with me that my coffee has got to be laced with something stronger. and the lady at Nordstrom said I must be the nanny cause Moms are too tired to be that playful with their kids.


I think I have a lot of energy inherently. My moms a bit of a live wire so maybe I got it from her. I know that my diet helps provide me with more energy to power through the day: oats (i know, i know), eggs, avocado, chicken and/or ground turkey, and coffee. I literally eat each of those things EVERY SINGLE DAY. If I don’t oat, my body feels off and I’m starved all day – looking for shit carbs to fill me up. Without eggs, I never feel actually full. And avocado makes my skin look better and adds flavor and good fats to everything. If I skip on meat, I feel so sluggish the next day. And coffee, come on – I don’t trust non-coffee drinkers.

Along with diet and genes, I have tons of energy with Madden and in class because I am excited. I am excited to see him laugh and will do all sorts of acrobatic moves to make him giggle. I’m sure you’ve seen the “lose my shit” moments in class when I am honestly and clearly so jazzed about the song or the choreography or seeing a face I adore! It’s genuine. My energetic demeanor comes from my heart – I can’t help but be a shaken up soda bottle in spandex.

Okay, so If you aren’t nut job status like yours truly, here are a few tips to increase your energy level:

-exercise! even something quick and easy. walk up and down your stairs a few times or try a walk around the block!

-increase the amount of magnesium you are taking in (around 300mg per day). you can take a supplement, or, my preference, find in foods, like fish, almonds, cashews and whole grains.

-drink water, water and more water!

-and duh, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. (a girl can dream)

If these things still seem ineffective, most definitely get your thyroid checked. Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck that controls the speed of your metabolism. Sometimes, after childbirth or pre-menopause, women experience a change in their thyroid and it can have a major effect on everyday life!

In closing, I think excitement is somewhat contagious. So hang with people who are high on life, who look forward to the day. Ain’t nobody got time for downers. Bye, Felicia.